Saturday, February 2, 2013

Vintage Linens

I got these at my local thrift store, I live in such a small town, when I find these I am so pleased. The store gets them in and then you have to wait a while to find more. I will probably put these in my booth, they seem to sell well here.
This one is a little ragged, I may keep this one and use it for something else, love the color.

Love the basket of flowers.

Wishing everyone a Happy Weekend!!


  1. These are a great find. They would make lovely pillow colors. Thanks for stopping by my blog :)

    Sandy xox

  2. I have such a weak spot for vintage linens! The ragged blue one - I adore that one the most. Treasure hunting is such fun! Have a beautiful day ~ Heidi

  3. What a great find. I know all about small towns..Great for the peace and quiet but Not much to chose from
    Always fun to take a day trip for the fun vintage, shabby and junk finds. Enjoy