Thursday, January 31, 2013

What in the this?/ Thirft Store Finds

I went to my local thrift store today and found this box of stuff. I am hoping some one can tell me what it is?
I know what is on the left side, sequins, glitter, tiny gems...
this is tiny shells, gems, tiny glass pieces?
But these...?  I am wondering if someone was making shell flowers or if they came packaged this way...
I think they are really neat!

These look like tiny leaves and if you make flowers out of them, how in the world would you glue them, maybe I need to research this tiny bits, they are very interesting to me.

Very pretty color and I will be using these!!

Thought I would share my tiny treasures, maybe you guys know something about these, I don't!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Valentine Heart Box Swap

I participated in a Valentine's Day Heart Box Swap that Erica @ Golden Egg Vintage  hosted.
My Swap partner was Tammy @   Tammy's in Love .
Such a cute box! I love the Valentine kids!
This is the side of the box, like the neutral with the shiny red!

These are my goodies!  I adore Little Red riding hood!  I just purchased a Little Red Riding Hood book for my grand daughter!  How about that Tammy?  You did know that secret, thought I would surprise you on here! I ate the candy that was in here.

This is my darling lady!  Her name is Val!! I LOVE HER!
and here is Val on my tree.
This is my box to Tammy
and these are her goodies.  I hope she can use these!
Thank you so very much Tammy and Thank you to Erica for hosting!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Friday, January 25, 2013

Monday, January 21, 2013

Lilly got busted

Oh yes, Lilly is so busted!  I was wondering why I had to bathe Lilly almost every day lately! She would come into the house with mud and smelling nasty.  Well today, I decided to take a sneak peek at what she was doing and where she was going. I usually let her outside and she plays and does her business, we live off the road and on a lot of land, so I don't have to worry about her too much.  Any way, this is what I saw...yes, in the pasture where the donkey and horse stay!!
Lilly, what are you doing???


Yep! There ya' have it, Nasty DOG!!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Felted Hearts

Okay, so I'm finally posting about something besides ATC's, Nope, I am posting about Felted Hearts and ATC's.

I'm thinking I may have joined in too many Valentine's Swaps!! I seem to be getting every thing finished up  on time, most of the swaps are due out by the end of the month, so if I stay on schedule I should be fine!

The lighting in the pics are horrible, it is hard to get good lighting, 
when it has been raining for about a week!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Vintage Wallpaper ATC's

Vintage Wallpaper ATC's I made for a swap.  I find it easier if I come up with an ATC I just think up rather than having a specific theme for an ATC.  Where is the challenge in that? Joining swaps gets me into making different things and having to stick with an idea and use my imagination to come up with something that fits into the theme! I really do enjoy swaps, even though I am a beginner!

Wishing everyone a Happy Week!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Friday, January 4, 2013


Oh yes, I had to go there. I thought I would give it a try and see how it turned out.  I never understood how couponers can save so much. Well today I tried it out and got a lot of merchandise for a little bit of money and it was on products I liked. I shopped at Walmart, Walgreens and CVS. Check out what I got for only $29.32 with out I can spend more money on important things like crafts and thrifting (just kidding) kind of. LOL

Merchandise total was $159.40. I paid $29.32 and also alot of this merchandise was 75% off. 3 boxes of hair color and root touch up, 5 cans of spray fragrance, 6 candles, 5 bags of candy, 2 gift sets of Gillette, 2 cans noxema, 2 dawns, 2 bottles head and shoulders, 2 altoids tins (crafts), 3 nail polishes, 1 dog toy, 5 Christmas  ornaments, anyway I think that is all.  Just wanted to share in case anyone wanted to try couponing or is already couponing.

Wow this is the longest post I have ever written.

Have a great week end!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Something I Made

Made this afternoon, thought I would share, seems like it is missing something or maybe too much stuff is on it.  What do you think?

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Valentines Day is on it way! about 6 weeks or so.

I love Valentines Day! I love the pinks, reds, fushias, raspberries, creams, whites and most anything valentiny(lol). I set up a little vignette of things that I already have.  I am thinking I will probably change this around, because I am sure I will make Valentines crafts and what not!

I even made a Velentine tree..


Tuesday, January 1, 2013

*Happy New Year*

Hello everyone, I hope your Holiday has been Happy!!

  Happy 2013!

It has been raining all day long here in Mississippi.  Today I could not get out to my shed for my boxes to put my Christmas decorations away. I stayed in and actually organized my craft stash.

I made this ATC today.  The lighting is horrible on these pics.

Also, wanted to share this tag I made today. I do not like it at all, but thought I would share anyway.
I used rubber stamps and ink (first time using ink and stamps, not sure if I like it) in white for the lettering, you could not even see the lettering, so I went over it with a sharpie in blue.
 I think it's okay for you guys to see my blunders as well as  things that I am proud of.
I'm not giving this to anyone, think I will keep it and look back next year to see how I progressed or regressed (lol) !

Now, run over to Savvy Southern Style, Wow Us Wednesday for great inspiration ! Savvy Southern Style