Thursday, February 7, 2013

One Blessed Lady!

I received my Valentines from Debby at the Valentine Swap @ Cozy Blanket
in the mail today! Yay me! I am truly blessed to have been a part of this wonderful swap. These ladies are truly amazing artist. I love each and every one of my hearts! Now I can replace some of my store bought (not that I don't love those) valentines with these hand made beauties! I love having these lovelies in my home to adore.  Thank all of you creative ladies. Special thanks to Debby for having to go out in the cold and snow to receive and send our Valentines!


  1. Those are all just the sweetest Valentines!!
    So glad you found me because I found you!
    hugs Lynn

  2. The things that have been made and sent this Valentine's Season have just been outstanding!
    And soooo fun to see!
    Erica :)

  3. I agree with Erica...everything has a WOW FACTOR! So much fun creating and sharing :)

  4. I enjoyed your pictures. They made me want to go and create.

  5. What a darling gift!

    Have a very Happy Valentine's week!

  6. Such sweet hearts you got!! :) Happy new week!
    :) Holly