Thursday, April 19, 2012

Handmade Tutu for Grandbaby

I made this little tutu for my almost 5 month old grand daughter.                                        

Close up of the fabric flower I made.

It is a lot fuller, I have laid it down so you could see the colors, it looks like cotton candy to me.

I can't wait to take her picture in it!


  1. OMGOSH- Is that cute!!!! I can't wait to see her wearing that -what a cute little tushy that will be sporting that! xo Diana

  2. This tutu is too cute! The colors do look like cotton candy! Hope you post a picture of her in it! ~Marcy

  3. so darling--please show us the pic with her in it:)

  4. Can you include a tutu tutorial sometime? It is so cute!