Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Red Neck Beach Fun!

Wow, July has flown by. School is going to start back in a week, I'm not sure if I'm ready.  I really enjoyed my week end.  I got to spend time with my wonderful sons and my Grand baby. She had never been to a creek, so we decided to introduce her to the REDNECK Beach!  This creek has been used for years. My cousins and I played here, I have taken my boys here when they were little and now I have taken my grand baby!  We all had a blast and she LOVED it!  I so enjoy simple pleasures as this and making memories.


Wishing everyone a Wonderful week!

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  1. She is SO cute. There is nothing like a little one playing in the water. It looks like she had a ball. I now take my grandkids to the same beach their Mom went to when she was their age. Sweet memory, isn't it? xo Diana