Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Thift Store Finds - Lace Overload Give Away

Wow!! Did I score today at my local thrift store!! Super excited about all of these pretty laces.  Apparently I must have inherited some ones lace collection.  I love all of the pretty colors.

Since there is no way in the world I will use all of this, I decided to share and have a give away. If you are interested, leave a comment on this post and I will draw the end of April!!

Oh yeah, I got all these pretties for $9.40! 


  1. Omg what a great find, I would love some ;)

  2. Oh wow!! You really did score!! So many pretties!! Love all those old laces! :) Happy day to you! xo Holly

  3. This is the thrill of the hunt!!! WOW, I love laces and have lots of neutral colors, but the variety of color you have found is totally awesome. Fun to see and share the thrift store finds. The money usually is for a great cause.
    Thanks for the chance and thanks for sharing the photos.

  4. Most definitely count me in!! What an amazing find you lucky girl!!!!
    I can think of tons of things to do already.

    Happy Crafting

  5. Woa.....YOu really got a lot of lace! This looks like a little of the lace my mother had....I couldn't keep all of it either, even though I would have really liked to. Please do not put me in the giveaway, I have plenty of my own to use! Have so much fun creating with the laces you do keep!
    hearts to you,

  6. SCORE!!!!! I would have been yelling, "start the CAR!!!!" as I left the building!!!
    Please add my name to your giveaway and thank you so much for linking up with my party!

  7. How unbelievably fortuitous for you to find this hoarder stash! I am never so lucky to find such delights. Thank you for sharing and for the chance to be lucky.


  8. I'm sooooo jealous! You're so lucky! Wonderful find!

  9. Oh My Gosh.... I'm drooling all over my keyboard. Interested?
    Yes Yes Yes.
    What a great find. Lucky you!!!!
    Hugs Lynn

  10. Hello Swap partner!
    Nice find of lace. I just had to come over and visit you. Please don't put my name in the giveaway. I have MANY lace pieces myself!

  11. Such beautiful Trims looks like you are going to have plenty of yummy supplies to work with! Hugs, Diane