Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Spring Break Fun

I have been very busy this week. My oldest son, Kinkaid, came to visit with my grand baby, Amberlyn.  I so enjoyed our visit.  They went back today and I cried like a big baby, not so much of his returning home.  I was crying because he has turned into such a fine young man and wonderful father. I also cried because having him home brought back so many fond memories. I sometimes miss my boys being small!
Kinkaid and Anberlyn
Anberlyn enjoyed playing on the tennis courts more than the swings and slide at the park!

Kane in action!
I love this sweet face!   


  1. What a beautiful family! They are all just gorgeous-I am the same way- it brings tears to my eyes to see what good parents my kids are...especially my son. It's amazing,isn't it? xo Diana