Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Thrift Store Finds

I actually paid $6.38 for these goodies at my local Thrift store.  What a steal!!  I did not have good lighting when I took the pics, so please excuse, but you can get an idea of what I got.

Lots of possibilities for the iron candle holder.

Bag full of tiny tiles, I see a mosaic in the future.

I'm sure I can find some use for this.

Another elf to add to my collection, maybe I'll do an elf tree one year!

2 vintage bird ornaments, they are in rough shape, maybe I could revamp them.

Cute Santa book.

Cute Snowman book.

Very cute Angel book.  I could read these to my grandbaby and then use the graphics out of the books or just keep them....?

last, but not least....this little book speaks to me, I ADORE it.  This little book reminds me of my childhood

even the inside of the cover is sweet..
look at the the cute details

maybe I had a book like this, or maybe its the birthday card that my mother gave me one year, that I still remember.


  1. You got a great haul for little $'s! Thanks so much for stopping by.
    Mary Alice

  2. Wow- What a lot of stuff for the money. I love those little golden books. You did good!!! xo Diana

  3. I can't believe all the things you snagged for such a tiny bit of money! The Golden Books were a great find.

    Love to you~Rebecca

  4. Those are all such great things! I love the little elf and I would have been all over that bag of tiles!

  5. wow score! Thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things hop xo

  6. What lucky finds! My favorite are the little birds. Thanks for your visit to my blog. Happy Pink Saturday and Happy Thanksgiving too. ~Marti

  7. Love, love all of your vintage finds, specially the bird ornaments.
    The books are keepers.